What you need when starting music lessons

Every student and new beginner need to understand that every instrument has a different approach in lessons. Taking piano would require a piano or keyboard at home that allows you to practice your weekly homework on. With other instrument such as guitar, cello, violin and woodwind instruments are portable and can be taken wherever you are going. Investing in a good beginner instrument and avoiding a second buy in a few month’s time is essential to your progress and what you ear becomes used to hearing.

Where to buy?

We offer a wide variety of instruments to purchase and even have option with our partners for rentals. To find out what we have and what we suggest you buy your can call us directly or if a rental sounds more like something you are interested in you can connect with our partners that will assist you with high-quality rentals and affordable monthly rates.

Let’s find you a teacher.

Our teachers are trained, qualified, and experienced. From examination preparations to playing in bands. Our team will assist in sending the right teacher to you based on many factors such as your goals and personal preference.

Your first lesson.

A teacher will be sent to you or meet you online depending on what you selected. They will introduce you to the instrument and explain all the ins and outs. From digital workstations with sound cards and MIDI controllers to beautiful upright and grand acoustic pianos. We work hands-on with all types of instruments for all levels of learning.

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