Music lessons for students of all ages!

Music lessons for students of all ages!

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I started Global House of Music in a basement of a school and my passion was to be able to bring formal music education back to private teaching and to provided students with the best possible music education without any compromise. My passion for teaching is reflected in the methods in which my teachers teach and the ethos of the business ‘Quality Private and Formal Music Education’ and this remains our priority. I have stepped down from teaching to grow the business and rise up a new generation of music teachers that share the passion to teach music formally and with incredible results. We are here for every student and we love what we do.
We joined hands with many industry leaders and experts from teachers to performers, from doctors to CEOs to understand the need of the industry and to build on the foundation of quality music education.
Eugene Dippenaar
Founder of Global House of Music
Eugene Dippenaar Founder

In person and online music lessons

Music lessons for All ages. We teach beginners and experienced students. Our qualified teachers are trained to offer only the best learning experiences. Our milestone approach helps students to learn at a correct and steady pace.

From piano lessons to cello lessons and everything in between, our team of qualified teachers in their respective instruments are ready to get your lessons started today!

About Us

Global House of Music is committed to providing the highest standard of music education to each student ensuring that by setting goals and milestones within the teaching allowing the student to achieve set goals with the assistance of a trained and educated teacher whose passion for music education reflects in the methods in which they teach. Accountability, Professionalism, and Goal-driven education form the foundation of the business and the music lessons provided by each member of the group.

As a business, we are accountable for every student’s progress and in them achieving their goals with professional teachers driven for success in both theory and practical work in their respective instruments. Determined to sustain an uncompromisable standard of music education we invest our time into lesson preparations, strategic approaches tailored to the ability and level of understanding of the student, and finally having students appreciate and value music for years to come.


Quality of education and teaching remains the priority of the business and we are accountable for each and every student working on or starting their music education.

We pride ourselves in providing assurance to our students that should they wish to continue with further studies in music education, we have laid the foundation and provided them with all knowledge and understanding of music and the essence of the art of writing, performing and exhibiting their skills in music.


Goal and result-driven, students are encouraged to invest the adequate time to study, practice, and research their respective instruments and the required theory in line with their level of playing ability.

The unique approach offered by Global House of Music ensures that the students are well educated and trained in all major aspects of music. The understanding of music and how it is relevant to any other form of education allows students to progress at a suitable pace in pursuit of their goals.


‘Fun for all’ and ‘all for fun’ is not our motto. The ethos of the company is reflected in the results gained by the students on national and international levels around the world, – quality education and passionate teaching.

With no room for error, we stand in the gap for good music education rooted strongly in the proven methods of music education exceeding hundreds of years of tried and tested theories and methodical teaching methods.

Why Global House of Music?

Over the past 8 years we have conducted more than 8000 music lessons ranging from piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons and vocal lessons. We have and continue to have exceptional results with our students in both formal music examinations and local and international performances.

Our Music Teachers

Having the right teacher is vital to the quality of music education therefore we have permanent staff that is here to accommodated our clients and educate our students. Our teachers are hand picked not only based on their qualifications, though a minimum of a teacher’s licentiate is required, but also based on experience, results from their students, and the manner in which they conduct every lesson.

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