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Music lessons, at home or online

We offer music lessons for all ages and all levels, either online or in the comfort of your own home. And when it comes to appointing teachers, we have high standards. It’s important to us that our students have only the best learning experience.

From rock to classical and everything in between, our teachers are ready to help you bring your musical dreams to life!

Our methods

At Global House, we provide the highest standard of music education to all our students. We do this by setting goals and defining milestones that make sense for your interests and aspirations. We choose teachers who demonstrate accountability and professionalism, and whose passion for music is reflected in the way they teach.

What we believe

We’re accountable for every student’s progress. Our teachers invest time in lesson preparation and planning. We also use a holistic approach to learning that accounts for differences.  Lastly, we focus on developing a student’s ability to appreciate music for years to come.


Music is a journey, and you choose the destination. At Global House, we lay the foundation for careers in music, further studies and training, or simply a life of joyful music-making. 


“All for fun” isn’t our motto. Instead, we motivate students to study, practice, and learn. We expect them to learn music theory, the “why” behind the “how” of practical musicianship. And results go far beyond the concert hall: musical training builds better brains! 


For us, music is more than a hobby or pastime: it’s a way of life. So we train our students to perform, on the national and global stage. We’re able to achieve this by relying on solid, age-old learning principles. 

Why Global House of Music?

Over the past 8 years, we have conducted more than 8000 music lessons on piano, guitar, violin, cello, vocals and more. Simply put, we get results, in formal examinations and international performances alike. 

Our Music Teachers

Having the right music teacher is vital. We maintain a team of permanent staff of hand-picked teachers. We match each of them carefully to their pupils, for the best fit. Most of these teachers hold teacher’s licentiates, but that’s not enough on its own. We value experience and an ability to deliver great music lessons, at home or online. Learn more about our amazing teachers here.

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A humble start: music lessons in a basement

I started Global House of Music in the basement of a school. My goal then was to bring formal music education into private teaching. I also wanted to make real musical training accessible to students without any compromise. My passion for education matches the enthusiasm of my teachers.

Where we’re going

I have stepped down from teaching to grow the business and raise up a new generation of music teachers that share this passion. We are here for every student and we love what we do. To further our goals, we have joined hands with many industry leaders and experts, from teachers to performers, doctors to CEOs. We strive to better understand the needs of the industry and to build on the foundations we have laid. The future of music education is bright!

Eugene Dippennaar, Founder: Global House of Music

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