Violin Lessons - Global House Of Music
Professional one on one music lessons with qualified teachers. Online and in in person lessons. Result based learning and music examinations
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Violin Lessons

Adriaan Gerrys Global House of Music Teacher

Hi! I’m Adriaan Gerryts. I am the violin teacher for Global House of Music. Playing the violin has always been a big part of my life and being able to share it with new beginners and allowing them the opportunity to learn this incredible instrument has been one of my primary focus points.

Teaching violin requires a great deal of focus on posture, the way we hold the bow and the violin as well as the way we use the bow. Practicing bow technique can be as simple as holding a pencil. Let me explain…


Picking up and putting down and checking fingers each time. Press between thumb knuckle and finger knuckles to make sure tension is minimal in your hand. If the hand is relaxed, it should bend when pressing.

How do we this?


Playing and practicing violin as with every other instruments must become part of your daily routine. I use multiple text books and experience gained from many well-known orchestral conductors and players that I have had the pleasure to learn from. One of my preferred courses that we use for our violin lessons at Global House of Music is the now very famous Suzuki Method.

The Suzuki Method has proven to be the most detailed and effective course available in the world for violin lesson. I places emphasis on technique and reading which combined shows the best possible result over a short period of time.


Along with the Suzuki Method I use ABRMS and Trinity musical exams to assist in music theory and gradual progress of each student.

About the Violin Lessons

Whether you want to become the next David Garrett, Lindsay Stirling or Hilary Hahn, formal training is the best approach.

Lessons can be conducted at home, at your school or even at your office (if you boss is OK with the noise) I travel to clients regularly and with the ease of a small case for my violin, a book stand and a few pieces lessons can take place anywhere.


Lessons are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the level of work and the amount of theory.





Playing a violin requires you to learn how to read and write notes. No music instrument should be taught another way.