Global House Of Music - Vocal Piano and Guitar teacher
Adriaan completed a BA-Mus degree at the University of Pretoria focusing on the violin. He is currently completing a Suzuki teacher’s qualification. Adriaan enjoys composers from the romantic era; Mendelssohn, Bruch and Paganini. Bach’s genius in harmony and sensitivity and Mozart’s witty elegance also influenced him.
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Travis Mc Dowall


Travis Mc Dowall completed his Bachelor of Music Honours in composition and performance. He plays and teaches piano, voice and guitar. Currently he is learning to play the didgeridoo and bass. Travis’s uncle bought him his first guitar and the youngster raided his CD collection which influenced his musical taste and included the legends Duke Ellington and Billy Holiday. At university he was inspired by Beethoven, Wagner, Vaughan Williams, Brian Reitzell, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams.

As a teacher

Travis is excited to watch his students progress technically and personally, as they accomplish goals. Music taught him diligence. He believes that learning an instrument has multiple
benefits such as improving abstract reasoning, providing an outlet for expression and building self- confidence.

Travis is an avid reader of multiple genres. He enjoys writing, DIY projects and undertaking small renovations. As a composer of film scores he watches all types of movies.