GHM is a family of qualified and experienced music teachers. We put a lot of thought into the right teacher/student pairing, so that you get the musician best suited to your needs and personality.


We’re serious about your education and musical progress. But we’re also serious about having fun! There’s nothing more satisfying than mastering a challenging, enriching skill.


There’s no catch! Your first session is free. We assess your skills and set some goals. And it’s also a chance to get to know your music teacher. Book now, and bring music home!

Adriaan Gerryts
Adriaan GerrytsTeaches: Violin and Music Theory
Adriaan completed a Bachelor of Arts and Music degree at the University of Pretoria and is the violin teacher for Global House of Music. He conducts violin lessons both online and in person. He is currently completing a Suzuki teacher’s qualification. Adriaan enjoys composers from the romantic era; Mendelssohn, Bruch and Paganini. He’s a great admirer of Bach’s genius in harmony and Mozart’s witty elegance. Adriaan is a fine violinist and a fine music teacher.
Monica Strydom
Monica StrydomTeaches: Piano, Saxophone, Flute and Music Theory
Monica is our polymath: she plays and teaches a whopping seven instruments! She conducts lessons on them all: piano, flute, oboe, saxophone, clarinet, classical guitar and violin. Like all great music teachers, Monica has a soft spot for Mozart. And she believes music helps her to see life in a different, joyous way. All that joy and exuberance makes for a truly memorable learning experience.
Jake Vardi
Jake VardiTeaches: Piano, Violin and Music Theory
A consummate and enduring presence in the music industry, Jake has worked as a performer, educator, songwriter and session musician from a young age, providing an engaging professionalism and relevant traditionalism to the stage, classroom and studio. Jake’s orthodox yet contemporary approach to music education provides his students with a foundation that is both universally technical and individually expressive.
Jan-George De Lange
Jan-George De LangeTeaches: Piano
Jan has an impressive resume of achievements and awards for piano performance and music theory. He completed his Bachelor of Music with Honours in 2015 and has been a music teacher ever since! He’s passionate about music education. Seeing his students achieve their goals is especially important for Jan. As a seasoned music teacher with many years of experience, Jan teaches beginners and advanced students.
Travis Mc Dowall
Travis Mc DowallTeaches: Piano, Vocals Guitar and Music Theory
Travis McDowall holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours in composition and performance. One of his fondest memories is the guitar his uncle gave him, as well as his uncle’s large CD collection.

There, he discovered artists who would make a lasting impression on his musical taste: legends like Duke Ellington and Billy Holiday. At university he found even more inspiration in composers like Beethoven and John Williams. As you can see, this is one dynamic music teacher!

Jacques Du Toit
Jacques Du ToitTeaches: Guitar and Music Theory
Rock music is Jacques’ passion. He started his musical career at a young age, playing guitar in bands and churches. Jacques is active in the music industry, so you might just find him rocking out on a stage over weekends. He loves live performance as well as studio work, having worked with well known South African artists. But Jacques is just as passionate about teaching and sharing his skills with a new generation of rock musicians.
Peter Orzcy
Peter OrzcyTeaches: Piano, Vocals Guitar and Music Theory
Sometimes, music education runs in the family. Music was always a central part of Peter’s life; his uncle was a professional guitarist. He studied drama and jazz at Pretoria Technikon and completed grades in guitar and theory through UNISA. He’s been a full-time music teacher for 12 years. He’s also performed at the Barnyard Theatre. Peter teaches mostly band instruments; bass, guitar, keyboards, drums.
Dr Christo Jankowitz
Dr Christo JankowitzTeaches: Piano and Music Theory
Our beloved resident prof, Dr Christo Jankowitz holds a Doctorate in Music from the University of the Witwatersrand. In addition to his impressive credentials, Christo belongs to a number of prestigious musical bodies. Needless to say, it’s an immense privilege to have someone of his caliber in our ranks. Even better, we get to witness the new generation of musicians he’s raising in the Global House of Music family.
Lia van der Walt
Lia van der WaltTeaches: Piano and Music Theory
Lia holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Pretoria. Her first instrument was flute and she played for the University’s orchestra and wind band. Lia teaches piano and flute for students of all ages at Global House of Music. As a music teacher, Lia brings a warm, empathic approach.

Music education is key to the development of young minds.

Music education is key to the development of young minds.

Music has been a subject in public schools in the United States as far back as 1837. More recently, it’s become part of the South African school curriculum, especially in private schools. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that every student receives a high standard of music education. 

That’s the mission of Global House of Music. Music means the world to us, and we’re eager to be part of the journey of music education. Everyone deserves to come home to music!