Global House Of Music | Online Lessons
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Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Online lessons


Brand new to Global House of Music


We searched far and wide to bring you the best experience and most interactive lessons yet, 

Going far beyond the other platforms we can incorporate and control tuners, metronomes, record short clips for references, keep track of attendance and share sheet music on the go. Our state of the art platform partners allow us to bring to South Africa what has never been see. 


Never lose your teacher…


As teachers we form part of every musical journey that a students embarks on and we know that moving away or quite simply lifestyle change can cause one on one lessons to become a problem and in some cases learn to music lessons being stopped – with our platform lessons can continue no matter where you as a student are in the world or simply traveling in and around South Africa. 


Now you can take your lessons with you


Short video clips from each lessons allows a student to go back on a phase a teacher played or a part that they have been working on, fixing errors, adjusting technique or simply show off to friends and family. 


Always stay on time and in tune


Teachers can access metronomes and assist in tuning instruments remotely while you are playing allowing for the best experience and most efficient lesson. 


Sharing is caring 


Sharing sheet music and screens on the fly allows a teacher to control what you see on the page, a student to follow and documents to view whenever you are in a lesson. This interactive method gives you peace of mind to never turn a page again. 


Setting up is easy 


Our step by step guide will help you from registration to setting up your device so that we can see you and so that you can see us. The process is easy and takes only a few minutes


Keeping busy


Holidays can come out of nowhere and keeping everyone on track is important. Scheduling lessons has never been easier and multiple sessions a week can but only make playing, reading and practice easier.