FAQ - Global House Of Music
Professional one on one music lessons with qualified teachers. Online and in in person lessons. Result based learning and music examinations
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How long does it take to learn an instrument? 

The Learning and understanding varies from student to student and really depends on the individual, how much practicing you do and your age. There is no fix duration. Playing is a physical skill so it does take repetition to improve. With regular practice a basic level of playing can be accomplished within a few months.

Do I need a full set of instrument to take lessons? 

Not at all, some students begin with smaller basic instruments and some begin on digital instruments.  We’d love to guide you in the right direction and help you choose an instrument that’s best for your student to learn on.

What age does my child need to be to take lessons?

The average age to start a child is 4. And our experienced teachers offer lesson from this age. We also teach adults and can work around schedules to find you the best suitable time for you and your young ones.

Will I need to purchase any additional materials

Most teachers ask students to buy a book for their use. In addition, there may be some other accessories like tuner, songbooks etc. which the student will need in order to progress within his/her studies.

Do the teachers teach you to read music? 

Yes. That’s what the music is all about. It’s a universal language that you will learn to read along with its theory.

Does Global House of Music Provide a Trial Lesson Before Sign-Up?

Yes, we do have a trial lesson policy. Firstly, we complete the sign up process and the teacher shows up at your home for your first lesson. If you are not satisfied with our services after the session you can discontinue the lesson but you will have to pay for the initial lesson.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our staff is our back bone and the main reason behind the specialty of global house of music. We can’t say enough about them. They all hold degrees in their respective fields and are professionally qualified in their respective instruments and most importantly love to teach music.

Do I have to own a Piano to take piano lessons?

Not at all, some students begin piano on smaller keyboards and some begin on digital pianos.  We’d love to guide you in the right direction and help you choose an instrument that’s best for your student to learn on.

How Often Should I Practice for A Music Lesson?

Consistency is always the best answer for this question. The time duration varies from teacher to teacher and student to student too. Most teachers would recommend you to practice 15 minutes every day rather than an hour and a half one time per week. This is a universal truth. But it’s all up to you as practice makes it perfect.