Top 5 Useful Tips for Beginner Musicians.

The first few years in any musician’s journey are usually the most crucial. This fundamental time usually lays the foundation for any artist’s primary creative habits and characteristics. They can also be the very years that decide how far any aspiring musician manages to reach their potential. If you’ve just started learning your instrument, you may find the following tips handy for getting you through your beginner phase. Below are 5 tips for beginner musicians.

Know where you want to go.

It’s important to think about developing a healthy relationship with your instrument. And just like any good relationship, it’s important to know where you stand with each other. Often new musicians will take up an instrument and lose motivation after some time. This is usually because they don’t really understand how to develop a sense of direction for their passion. Perhaps you’re an aspiring producer who wants to compose for other artists. Maybe you have a great singing voice and want to make some extra income playing corporate gigs. There are a variety of avenues and tiers in the music world, on both a hobbyist and professional level. Understanding where it is you see yourself in this world is a great first step to developing a wholesome passion for your instrument.

Under The Influence.

Quincy Jones stated in a documentary that, ‘’ You wanna be what you see’’. Most musicians are sharing their inspirations with each other as often as they can in the relentless pursuit for self-improvement. You should do the same. Make a list of the artists that you enjoy listening to, as well as musicians who’s playing you admire. Research these artists in your spare time and learn their songs. This will give you something to do with your instrument aside from regular warm-ups or exercises. Simple exercises can be a bit tedious for some, especially in the beginner phase of learning. There’s nothing quite like nailing the riff to a sing you’ve been enjoying for a while, or learning the chords to your favorite songs. It will definitely help keep you motivated to pick up your instrument.

Timing is everything.

Music can be likened to someone painting the canvas of time with brushstrokes of sound. How you handle your time with your instrument will definitely determine how far you take your musical ambitions. It’s very important to know that everyone learns the ins and outs of music at their own speed. Trying to keep up with others is important if you’re in a class or group project. With that in mind, it’s also important to not push yourself to the point of exhaustion when you are starting out. The great part about being an amateur is that it’s much easier to get better. If you are a new music student, it’s very beneficial to set aside a daily or weekly practice routine. This will help streamline your progress and allow your muscle memory with your instrument to grow at a steady pace.

Two heads are better than one.

Possibly one of the most important factors in a musician’s progress is the musical company they keep. It’s very possible to become a highly skilled musician on your own at home. Having said that, there’s a certain something that playing with others offers that can’t be replaced. Having others around you that share your aspirations and taste in music will keep you both motivated and invested in your instrument. Start a band, find some musical buddies to jam with in your neighbourhood or even online. Or – better yet – join a music school or find a tutor. Most people forget that we play music, and playing is a lot more fun when we enjoy it with others.


Every single musician’s journey with music is unique to them. It’s part of the mystique that makes music such a constantly alluring part of most people’s lives. You might find yourself at the very beginning of a long and beautiful new chapter with your instrument. With the right foundations you can really maximize your craft and experience the true joy that comes with knowing your instrument comfortably. Would you like to find out more about how to further your musical talents? Get in touch with us at the Global House of Music. There are a healthy range of classes available to help get you one step closer to mastering your musicality. Thanks for taking the time out to read our top 5 tips for beginner musicians.